Student Supply Lists


Back pack
1-8: x 5” plastic crayon box
          (please label with name)

Items to be placed in crayon box:

1- box of crayons
2- jumbo glue sticks
2- pink bevel erasers
1- 5” Fiskars scissors, pointed

Additional Optional Items for Classroom:

Hand-sanitizer bottles for the class
Boxes of tissues
No. 2 pencils (yellow only)
1 set washable thick Crayola
Clorox wipes


Place the following items in an 8” X 5” pencil box:

1 - Box of Crayola Crayons (standard colors up to 24 count)
4 - Jumbo Glue Sticks
1 - 5” Fiskars scissors, pointed
6 - #2 pencils, sharpened
1 – pink bevel eraser

Additional Items:

1-200 count or larger box of tissues (Puffs or Kleenex brand are preferred)
1-container of disinfectant wipes (for surfaces) or Handi wipes (for hands)
*This is what your child needs to get started.  You will be notified when these supplies need to be replenished throughout the year.

 ** If you are financially able, please consider sending in additional supplies to support those for whom this might be a challenge.



1 – Pencil Box
12 pack of pencils (sharpened)
4 -  glue sticks
1 – 24 pack of Crayons
1 - Kids’ Blunt – Tip Scissors
1 - Pink Rubber Eraser
2 – Wide-ruled 1-subject 
      Spiral Notebooks
1 - Yellow Highlighter–
1- Small Individual pencil
1-Set of over the ear headphones

Optional Donations:

Clorox Wipes
Hand Sanitizer
Sandwich or Snack Size Baggies
Dry Erase Markers
Additional Pencils and Glue Sticks


Please send only the following items with your child:

1-Plastic pencil box
24 ct. crayons
1 inch VERY study binder – with pockets on the inside of front and back covers
12 - #2 sharpened pencils
Fine point dry erase marker
2 glue sticks
12 ct. colored pencils
Personal set of earbuds (optional)

If you are able, please consider donating any of the following items to our classroom:

Any of the supplies listed above
Disinfectant wipes
Recess equipment (soccer balls, basketballs, kick balls, chalk)
Dry erase markers (chisel tip)


Each Student Will Need:

12 yellow Dixon Ticonderoga pencils (sharpened)
12 pack of erasable colored  pencils  
  1 box of 18 twistable Crayola crayons
 *1 yellow highlighter
 *1 jumbo Elmer's Glue Stick
 *2 low odor dry erase markers (blue or black)
 *1 large eraser
 *1 pair of kids’ scissors
      pencil top erasers
Please remove packaging from starred items,   and send all items to school in a plastic baggie.  

Optional Donations for the Class:

1.5" x 2" yellow Post-it notes
additional pencils and glue sticks
additional low odor dry erase markers 
Ziploc snack size baggies
Clorox Wipes
hand sanitizer
boxes of tissues