Introducing STEAM Explorations at the Hills

Introducing STEAM Explorations at the Hills
Posted on 08/22/2018

At the Wyomissing Hills Elementary Center, students will return to school to find a new “special” class added to the traditional offerings of gym, art, library, and music. STEAM Explorations will give students the opportunity to explore the “Four Cs” of 21st-century skills: communication, collaboration, critical thinking, and creativity. They’ll also get to explore coding and computational skills, robotics, and circuitry, and use a Maker Space. 

Taught by Dr. Toni Wengerd, the class will help students to develop a growth mindset.

“We want our students to be okay with starting something and modifying it to make it better or different,” Dr. Wengerd says. “Students are focused on finishing a project and putting it aside. A growth mindset helps them to realize that it is okay to say, ‘I’m working on that; I’m not finished.’”

The faculty is excited to expose all students in kindergarten to fourth grade to this integrated, cross-curricular learning experience in a flexible classroom space that supports STEAM education.

The STEAM classroom will be open to visitors at the school’s Meet the Teachers Night on September 6th.