Our Littlest Learners Embrace iPads

Our Littlest Learners Embrace iPads
Posted on 09/17/2018

This year, part of getting our littlest learners set up so they could settle into their routines at the Wyomissing Hills Elementary Center involved the distribution of iPads. For students in third and fourth grades, the distribution rate was one-to-one. In kindergarten, first, and second grade, two students will share one iPad. 

Using an iPad in the classroom is not new to students at Wyomissing Hills Elementary Center. However, as third-grade teacher Mrs. Lauren Fiorentino explains, third and fourth-grade students previously had to share a device, and that was a bit of a logistical challenge as teachers worked out partners for sharing. The additional iPads will assure that every student has ready access to a device for every assignment that requires one.

“My students were so excited to learn that they each had their own iPad for the school year,” Mrs. Fiorentino says. “The iPads will be a powerful addition to the learning environment.”

The students will use the iPads to conduct individual research for the famous American research project. They will also have access to math and language arts apps such as XtraMath and Freckle, which reinforce concepts learned during those subject matter lessons. At the end of the school day, however, the devices must stay at school.

Mrs. Fiorentino and her colleagues are discussing other ways the students could use their iPads, such as in creating video assignments and in recording class information using the Notes application.