Phonics Resources

                                        Phonics Resources

Alphabet Practice
• Alphabet Apple by Vtech
• Alphabet Feel, Trace, and Write
• Magnetic Alphabet Chart (Upper
and Lower Case)
• Leap Frog: Mr. Pencil’s Scribble and

• Contraction Keys (Grades 1-2)

• Chunk and Check Decoding Cards

EZ Read Mini Flash Cards:
• Beginning Sounds Upper and Lower
Case Letters (Grades K-1)
• CVC Words (Grades K-2)
• Rhymes (Grades K-2)

EZ Read Flip Books:
• Word Family Flip Books
(Grades K-2))
• Vowel Team and Variant Vowels
Flip Books (Grades 1-2)
• Blends and Digraphs Flip Books
(Grades K-2)

Long Vowels
• Long Vowel Pattern Learning Center

Word Building
• Make-A-Word Soft Touch CVC Word
Building Dice (Grades K-2)
• Make-A-Word Soft Touch Long
Vowel Word Building Cubes (Grades

• Rhyming Cards/Clothespin Match
• Short Vowels (CVC and CVCC

Slide and Learn Caterpillars CVC
Patterns (Grades K-2)

• Short Vowel a
• Short Vowel e
• Short Vowel i
• Short Vowel o
• Short Vowel u

Slide and Learn Blending

• Short Vowels CVCC Patterns
(Grades K-2)
• Beginning Blends (Grades 1-2)
Slide and Learn Blending Activity
• Initial Blends and Digraphs
(Grades K-2)

MAGtivity Word Building Trays
• Beginning Sounds
• Short Vowel Word Families