We Both Read Bilingual Edition

The We Both Read bilingual edition books are a collection of books that engage both children and parents in reading! Each book is specially formatted for a parent and child to take turns reading aloud alternate pages in English and Spanish. The parent’s page features higher level text while the child’s page features text that matches the child’s reading level. This shared experience reduces the frustration of beginning and struggling readers—and makes reading fun! 
Grade Books


Kindergarten First Grade Second Grade
Book # Title of Book Book # Title of Book Book # Title of Book
1 Big Cats, Little Cats 7 We All Sleep 18 Baseball Fever
2 Can You Find? 8 Frank and the Tiger 19 The Frog Prince
3 How Many? 9 About Bats 20 About the Ocean
4 Dragons Do Not Share 10 Frank and the Balloon 21 Sharks!
5 Too Many Cats 11 About Dogs 22 The Perfect Gift
6 Museum Day 12 Habitats of the World 23 About Space
7 We All Sleep 13 Zoo Day 24 About Dinosaurs
8 Frank and the Tiger 14 About Pets 25 Endangered Animals
9 About Bats 15 The Mouse in My House 26 About Bugs
10 Frank and the Balloon 16 The Well-Mannered Monster 27 Space Station
11 About Dogs 17 Amazing Eggs