Library Bingo for New Books

Library Bingo for New Books
Posted on 05/15/2018

To get the young readers at Wyomissing Hills Elementary Center to explore all areas of the school’s library, librarian Mrs. Kara Les has created Library Bingo.


Mrs. Les started Library Bingo seven years ago, and says it has become very popular with her students. Each student receives a sheet of paper with a traditional-looking bingo grid on it. However, instead of numbers, each square contains either the title of a book or a location in the library, depending on the age of the student. To get a bingo, older students must read books in five different genres.


“Library Bingo pushes my older students to read books outside of the genres they have grown comfortable with,” says Mrs. Les.


Once a student gets bingo, he or she receives a bookmark or another small prize.